100% Traditional Coal Tar Creosote

Original, proper Coal Tar Creosote, supplied for INDUSTRIAL / PROFESSIONAL AND FARM USE.

Instructions for use:

  • For use as a wood treatment against wood rotting fungi and wood destroying insects on external timbers.


  • Can be applied by brush, spray or by dipping.

Traditional Creosote can only be sold to Professional Users.

PLEASE NOTE: It is an offence for the general public to purchase and apply Creosote. However, the product is still available for sale to trades-people. This means the traditional user such as the agricultural community, builders, etc. are still able to purchase Creosote, providing they do not resell to the general public.

You will be required to enter your business name and type of work at the checkout.

It is expected that the purchaser will fully understand the legislation to use creosote legally and safely. The data sheet is available on request.