Red Oxide Metal Primer

Use Red Oxide Metal Primer on ferrous metals, non ferrous metals and aluminum alloys. For use on exterior and interior metals to give a high quality, hard finish.


  • Surfaces should be clean and dry.
  • Remove any loose, flaking or defective paint. Strip back to bare surface if necessary.
  • Wear a suitable mask if dry sanding and avoid inhalation of dust.


  • Stir well before use.
  • Apply to metal surface as soon as cleaning is completed.
  • Apply with brush or roller.
  • Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.
  • Touch dry in 10 to 12 hours.
  • Can be recoated in 24 to 48 hours under normal conditions.
  • Clean brushes with white spirit.
  • Do not empty surplus paint into drains or watercourses.


Approximate coverage is 12m2 per litre depending on the condition of the surface.
Available in 5 litre tins.